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Volunteer Skillsbank (VSB) is a centralised Volunteer Referral Centre system which (through an innovative easy-to-use database of information) matches volunteer skills and interests to available volunteer opportunities across your region or Australia. If your community group, organisation, council or business has a need to manage volunteers, the Volunteer Skillsbank System will provide you with the tools to manage this easily and effectively.

Volunteer Skillsbank:

Volunteers listed on the Volunteer Skillsbank system can manage their own details, set their volunteering availability and preferences, and much more. Organisations using the system can list their available programs and roles, list the skills required and all other program details while remaining anonymous if desired. Available roles are shown without revealing the name of the organisation offering them, thus avoiding the problem of being swamped with unwanted direct applications. The system matches suitable volunteers to the requirements of the role, allowing you to choose who you contact.

With over 10 years of usage, this sytem is fully developed, reliable, and the best there is! To find out more, contact us today!


Is it affordable?

Fortunately the answer is YES - it is designed to be affordable for everyone.

Skillsbank is structured in such a way that most small community organisations will be able to access it for free, provided there is at least a second tier system operating in your region. Larger community organisations and smaller councils can operate a second tier system for around $10 per week, and larger organisations and councils can have a fully featured, tier one system for a surprisingly small figure.

If you are in an area in which your Council does not operate or have involvement in a Volunteer Skillsbank system, ask them to get one!

The system is also available to business at a very affordable price - if used for staff management it may even be able to save the cost of some fulltime staff in larger organisations, making it a way of actually cutting costs while improving management.

Look into it today!


Skillsbank for Business

Skillsbank for BusinessDue to widespread demand, the Skillsbank system is now also being offered to businesses. Ideal for recruitment of volunteers and management of your volunteer program, it can also be used to manage a large number of staff, assess and record their skills and match them to suitable roles within a large organisation.

This sophisticated system is surprisingly affordable too.

Contact us today for details on how the Skillsbank system can streamline your business staffing and volunteer management.


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